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Who We Are

Meet the team that is making this industry a reality

Campbell Cameron


With a Mechanical Engineering degree under his belt and a P. Eng to his name, Campbell has been able to use his education to gain over 10 years of experience in Construction Management and Project Development. His experience spans over many different industries with his most recent projects including the West Calgary Ring Road and the Cavendish Farms Lethbridge Project with EllisDon Construction Services. His experience has taken him all over Western Canada and around the globe with work experience in Oil and Gas (Western Canada), Mining (Fort McMurray), Renewable Energy (England & Scotland), Marine Engineering (Caribbean), Commercial Construction (Calgary), Civil Construction (Calgary) and Industrial Construction (Lethbridge). Since 2021 Campbell has successfully started his own consulting firm,, where he has made a name for himself as a Project Manager for Cultural buildings in Nunavut. With such a diverse set of tools and skills as a Project Manager / Developer, Campbell is excited to apply his experience on this new project.

Caith Cameron


After Graduating the University of Calgary with a Geology degree Caith went on to experience different sectors of the Oil and Gas industry, from wellsite geology to production cement casing. He learned the valuable insights on how to run a vertically integrated business. He took these lessons and transitioned into Agriculture. For the past 9 years Caith has been fully emerged in all aspects of farming from commercial and pedigree seed to managing cattle. Caith started investigating and researching straw pellets in 2015 which has transitioned into an opportunity for an industry and is now making it a reality.