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UBC Partnership

Improving the straw pellet process

Wintergreen Pellets & UBC

The UBC Partnership

Wintergreen Pellets has partnered with the BBRG (Biomass & Bioenergy Research Group) at UBC who have embarked on a four year project (2019-2023) exploring the production, logistics and commercialization of marketable pellets from underutilized low quality biomass in Canada. This $2.4 million project is funded by the federal government under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The UBC’s BBRG is collaborating with the Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) and BFN in this project.

Wintergreen Pellets and UBC first started collaborating in June of 2020 where it was evident from both parties that goals and objectives aligned.  The Wintergreen Pellets team will maintain, manage and operate a newly purchased densification plant (pellet mill SPC PP150) on behalf of BBRG.  The plant will test the performance of the operation in producing densified products from individual and blends of straw, hay, wood and other farm products like grain screenings.  Wintergreen Pellets will also act as the technical personnel operating the plant and will collect performance data like temperatures, flow rates, power and energy consumption. WinterGreen will organize field demonstrations to exhibit the benefit of pelletization to the interested farmers and potential investors.

Wintergreen Pellets sees the importance of this relationship and opportunity to not only have access to a pilot project to prove the performance of straw pellets but also the amazing knowledge resource in the BBRG team at their fingertips.  Wintergreen Pellets plans to take the produced pellets to various biomass power plants and heat generators throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories (NWT is leading the way in Canada in the utilization of wood pellets for heat and power generation).  This proof of concept pilot project is required to gain interest from larger clients abroad.