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Innovative Farmers

Committed to a greener and more sustainable future

Wintergreen Pellets is committed to a greener and more sustainable future by producing straw pellets. We are located in the heart of Alberta’s farming country and convert underutilized and discarded straw as a feedstock to make pellets for various fuel alternatives.  Similar to how wood pellets are replacing coal, straw pellets will be another source of fuel for energy and heat production in Alberta, Canada and around the world.  Replacing coal and other fossil fuels as a fuel source will aid in the reduction of greenhouse gases on a global scale. Wintergreen Pellets plans to build a large pellet production facility in Alberta which will take advantage of the renewable resource that is straw, which is produced annually from the turnover of new crops.  Currently we are producing small scale batches for experimental testing purposes.

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See what we have already done, what we are currently doing and what we plan on doing.

Who We Are

Two Albertan Brothers have teamed up to make this industry a reality.


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UBC Partnership

UBC’s highly educated PHD and Graduate students and world experts in all things pellets, have partnered with Wintergreen Pellets to make the most energy efficient straw pellet possible. Check out what UBC is doing and how the partnership will work for both parties.


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